Jaguar 240 MkII –  Jig

Jig started life out in Scotland having been brought by a farmer who sold it for a very modern XJ6 Jaguar.  It was subsequently bought by Andy’s father at a year old to replace a very unreliable Hillman Minx!  We have all the original paperwork and even the original advert when the car was put up for sale in 1969.   This car is an old-timer in the family.

Jig is still in his original ivory colour and has a very low mileage so he is only available for weddings local to us.

A very comfortable and sweet car that sounds amazing.

rolls_royce_pair5 jaguar_240_mkIIjaguar-240-mk2-wedding-car-hire3IMG_0199IMG_0199jaguar-240-mk2-wedding-car-hire5jaguar-240-mk2-wedding-car-hire6 jaguar-240-mk2-wedding-car-hire9100_0287_0001Jig3Jig2